Boxi Lunchbox with ice panel - Aqua Ice

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Elyse M
Easy to use

The Boxi is convenient to use and easy to clean. I no longer have to carry multiple different containers around for my son's snacks and lunch!

John S
Black Boxi

I've had this lunchbox, or I should say, my 8 year old has, for a couple of weeks now. Being able to taolir the size of some of the compartments is great. It doesn't leak, and having the ice block as part of the unit is clever. I'd recommend.

Tioni L
Great lunch box.

I purchased for my 2 year old thing this would be great to keep his lunch cool and still fit in the nappy bag along with everything else (also have a 3 month old) and mean I don’t have to carry a seperate lunch cooler bag (the less bags the better!) it fits thigh maybe slightly larger than I thought, but the main issue is that with the ice brick in, it eventually melts and causes condensation on the outside of the box and everything in the nappy bag gets wet! So maybe still need the extra cooler bag, or I just use it without the ice brick. I feel like this will be perfect for later on when he is going to kinder or school and space is not such an issue.
Over all good product and think I’ll still get plenty of use out of it

Zoe M
Great lunchbox

Favourite lunchbox so far - my fav part is the ice brick that sits underneath ALL the compartments! It also fits into the Monti lunch bags to keep them extra cool during summer

Tracy B
Best lunchbox

We love this lunchbox! We’ve used it now for a year of school and find it keeps the food cool and has great space. We love the removable space divider and that the ice block is big and fits under the tray!