About us

Boxi Australia - EST 2017

From nothing to something. . . (and a gold award!)

We really threw ourselves into the deep-end when we decided to design a lunchbox. We had no experience in manufacturing, no idea about engineering and no idea about what it actually takes to design, research, develop, fund and manufacture a product from scratch.

It’s got to be easier than this?

Our first child was diagnosed with allergies in three different food groups when he was 3 months old. This presented us with massive challenges initially but these became even harder to manage once he started eating solids. We had to make all our food from scratch and take it wherever we went. As he grew to eating more variety of food it became a hassle to take food for him, especially when we were out of the house all day long or overnight! He liked his food separated so he could just eat one thing at a time but using lots of little containers was annoying – I loathed washing-up so many pieces and we were constantly losing lids. I bought a bento-style lunchbox which was excellent for separating the food and keeping it fresh but I found I had to put it in a carry bag with an ice panel to keep it cool while we were out. My son also outgrew this lunchbox pretty quickly. There had to be a better way.

We hear you!

From our home on the Gold Coast, Australia, we spent many hours gathering information and listening to what our customers were saying about similar products so we knew exactly what kind of lunchbox was going to suit their (your!) needs. It was evident from the beginning that the healthy-food movement, along with new rubbish-free lunchbox policies (nude lunches) in schools, and people becoming more conscious about reducing single-use plastics, were going to be the driving factors behind creating this lunchbox. It presented an exciting challenge.

Design, test, refine, repeat

We floated the idea with some friends, and researched our target market to see whether there was a need for a product like this. . . and, it appeared there was. So here we are. After two years of researching, designing, testing, refining, re-testing and refining again, Boxi Cool™ can now serve your need to take home-packed food to school or work while keeping it cooler for longer and also looking super cool. It’s packed with loads of features including carry handle, hinge with stainless steel pins, adjustable food tray, 1.37 litre (5.5 cups) capacity, internal ice panel, child-friendly latch and it’s also seriously cool to look at, hold and eat from.

We hope you love Boxi Cool™ as much as we loved designing it. If you’ve got any ideas to make it better or there’s another product you’d like us to offer, drop us a line and let us know. We love hearing from you.

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