'The perfect lunchbox': Mum invents 'genius' bento-style design for school kids - sending mums into a frenzy

'The perfect lunchbox': Mum invents 'genius' bento-style design for school kids - sending mums into a frenzy

By Matilda Rudd For Daily Mail Australia

  • Kirby Barr was inspired to create BOXI lunchboxes for her young son Finn 
  • The bento-style means you can have snacks, sandwiches and fruit in one spot
  • It's currently in the crowdfunding stage but they are hoping to launch by January [delivery now expected April - read our update]

Mother-of-two Kirby Barr was tired of packing her son's lunch into multiple containers only to have the food heat up by the end of the day anyway.

So the Gold Coast based mum decided to make her own $60 bento-style lunchboxes complete with a hidden ice block inside so fruit and sandwiches would stay fresh all day. 

'My first son Finn was diagnosed with food allergies so I was having to take food everywhere we went,' she said. 

'I found it was so inconvenient packing little containers in a bag with an ice-brick and the bento-style lunchbox I had wasn't big enough for a whole day's worth of food. 

'When I couldn't find the lunchbox that I needed, I decided to make it.'

Despite having very little experience in the business of building a brand, Kirby did copious amount of research for two years before launching BOXI Australia.

'I didn't want to make just another lunchbox, it had to be functional, durable and quality made,' she said.

'The ice-brick is the point-of-difference but we've also made it from recycled plastic [see updated details about recycled plastic], and it has a double hinge with stainless steel pins to make it sturdy.'

It features a carry handle for convenient transportation and is consciously made for the environment.

The clever tool also features a food tray with four major compartments that can be divided into six, a leak-proof lid and a child-friendly latch.

The ice brick can easily be removed so it can be cooled down in the freezer, before it slots back in place ready for each new day. 

Her lunchboxes are currently featured on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo, with all proceeds from the pre-sale going towards raising the capital for manufacturing.

'Pre-sales will open next week. They'll retail for $59.95 but we're offering 35 per cent off ($39) for the first 24 hours when pre-sales opens – but people have to be on our email list to get access.' 

If all goes according to plan they will be shipping out the stylish lunchboxes as early as next year. 

The school lunch equipment is already causing a buzz amongst thousands of parents online who are eager to get their hands on the product.

'I'm overwhelmed by the interest that this lunchbox has created. People are contacting me saying "this is a great idea, I can't wait to buy one". I've even had a few retailers contact me asking when they can stock it,' she said.

'A chilled bento is a great idea! I'm yet to find one. I'd happily buy some,' one woman said on Facebook.

'An awesome upgrade to the bento style lunchbox for hot summer days,' said another.

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